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Paintbox Yarns Review | Our Favorite Yarn!

March 20, 2020

I first learned about Paintbox Yarns through Instagram in the Fall of 2018. They caught my eye when I saw that I could get a variety of yarn weights in so many different color ways! If you know me, I dug through and did my research on them and found that they were a part of LoveCrafts, which was new to me too!

As I went through the website and shopping features, I learned that this was a legit business and loved everything they had to offer between the ideas, free patterns and variety of yarns to purchase. At the time, they had a sale on their yarns and naturally I went ahead and made my first purchase of the Paintbox Yarns.

When I started to take crochet more serious as a business, I began creating my first design–The Bailey Booties. I made these booties out of DK acrylic yarn and if you’ve ever searched for this type of yarn…the variety of colors can be extremely limited. So when I found that Paintbox offered 50 shades of colors in the Paintbox Yarns Simply DK and that’s when they won me over!

So here is my review on the yarn (you can also check out our YouTube Review):


This yarn is only available through Love Crafts. You can purchase the yarn in single skein, a pack of 5, or a pack of 10. I know many people are “in person shoppers” (I am most definitely one of those!), but you can always take advantage of their sales to try out their yarn selection because you can save a lot of money through their sales and with their free shipping option. The good part is that if you’re worried about trying out this yarn, you can order you favorite tried and true brands (i.e., Lion Brand, etc.) you can find in the big box craft stores and tack on a skein of the Paintbox Yarns.

Material Price and Value

As I mentioned earlier, Love Crafts does a variety of sales and many times you can get a 15%, 20%, or 30% off your entire purchase. If it’s your first time, ordering with them, they offer you a 15% off discount! You also have the opportunity to get free shipping on purchases over $60. Does this mean you have to buy $60 worth of Paintbox Yarns? Nope! This could include crochet/knitting patterns, other yarn brands, tools, etc. within the order. Also, I’ve been able to use their 30% off sale and stack my 20% off loyalty customer coupon that I received from them during my last purchase and got 50% off! Talk about a steal.

There are plenty of brands with similar fibers and can be found in stores easily, but when I get the sale and the free shipping–I can actually beat out the prices you find in big box stores. So it really just depends on your preference!

Color Variety

You can’t beat it. I’ve done Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Jo-Ann’s, Yarnspirations, and Lion Brand and this brand has by far the biggest color selection you can get! Although I love these brands, I love that Paintbox Yarns offer various shades of blue, pink, green, etc. and not just one single color of the colorway you’re looking for.

Delivery and Packaging

As I said earlier, the only way to order is online. However, once you order online, you can typically get this yarn within a week. It’s a UK based company and shipping can average 7-10 business days. I’ve never had a problem with shipping time and I’ve been very happy with the quality of packaging. All of my shipping has been done out of Hazelwood, MO (near St. Louis, MO) and I’ve received my order within a few days.

Typically the yarn is packed into a gold bag that ties up and I love using those bags for our crochet product orders. Might as well re-use them right!? However, I learned during my most recent purchase of the 10 Pack Cotton DK, I received the yarn in a plastic wrap. To be honest, I actually liked it more because I felt like they were not squished together and the packages came out cleaner. After doing a few orders of 10 packs, 5 packs and single skeins, I’ve learned that you receive a tie up bag for orders done in singles and 5 packs. The 10 pack is the only one that comes in plastic.

Working with the Yarn

When pulling from the center of the skein, I rarely deal with yarn puke that tangles into a hot mess. I can usually get a clean pull from the center, but sometimes I have to grab a small chunk of the center out. I never deal with knots! It’s great not having a tangled mess. I also love that when I use our handmade CroChic Styles Ergonomic Crochet Hooks or generic brand hooks, the yarn never splits on me like other brands I’ve worked with.

The yarn is extremely easy to work with and glides so well. It isn’t advertised as a low-pilling fiber, but it is pretty low-pill in my opinion.

Overall Review: HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You should at least try and give them a chance if you’re looking for the perfect color way for your project. You may find yourself hooked on it!

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