About Our Handmade Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

CroChic Styles® originally started off with handmade finished crochet products and patterns, but it has evolved into something bigger and better for the maker community!

One day in 2018, as Patty was making a cowl, she complained about how her new ergonomic crochet hook she recently purchased was cramping her hands and was too heavy. To her, the crochet hook didn’t seem so “ergonomic” after all.

Her birthday was coming up and Paul wanted to do something nice for her. He busted out his lathe and some wood, deciding to his own design of a crochet hook for her. Let’s just say it wasn’t very user friendly…so he made another one..and another one..and another one. With each change, Patty noticed that there was something in his handle design that had potential.

After several months, Paul made a wooden hook that worked great for Patty. But, naturally, she asked the question that started it all…

“Is there a way to make this sparkly?”

That is when our hooks changed from wood to resin, although the original intent was still just for Paul to make a hook for Patty as a gift! He took everything he researched and learned from different grip types and applied it to his first full resin hook. And of course, it was “sparkly”!

After nearly another year of research, process design, testing, trial and error we have what you see today–our patent pending “3rd generation“ of full resin crochet hooks.

We then wanted to share this luxury, ergonomic, fun and vibrant crochet hook. So we did. Our handmade ergonomic crochet hooks are durable, light, comfortable and of course sparkly. These hooks are made from a resin with dyes, glitters, powders and other strengthening materials. They go through a multi-stage process while curing to ensure they are strong with no defects – 100% handmade!


Are your hooks inline or tapered?

We started out with all of our crochet hooks being inline and have since switched to a hybrid inline-tapered design. It is considered tapered, but not as “pronounced” as some other tapered designs, and we have found that it benefits people preferring both types.

What sizing chart do your crochet hooks go by?

The labels on our crochet hooks use a U.S. labeling system. When we create and label your hooks, we use precision calipers and ensure the shaft diameter is as close to the millimeter sizing you need as possible. See below for our conversion chart!

What is different about your crochet hooks compared to other options I can get?

Every groove you see and feel was carefully designed and placed after countless hours of testing. We had crocheters around the country test them with different grip types (i.e., knife grip, pencil grip, etc.) prior to ever selling them. As a result, they fit comfortably for most if not all grip types. Our prototypes sometimes only differed by the placement of one groove by millimeters! These hooks also weigh less than an ounce, so fatigue is a thing of the past. Furthermore, every single crochet hook is unique and the color options are endless! All of our crochet hooks are handmade and time is spent on each one to make sure you enjoy using it.

Don’t see one you like on our site? Do you have a different idea in mind that you’d like to see come to life? Well, it’s your lucky day because we offer custom crochet hooks ranging in sizes E-N (3.5mm-10mm). If you’d like to order a custom crochet hook, please visit our “Custom Crochet Hooks” section of our website.

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