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Hi everyone! We are Patty & Paul. We’re the couple behind the scenes of CroChic Styles®. We are a military family who travels the world together. We’re both creative-minded individuals in our own ways.

My name is Patty and I started off crocheting roughly around the age of 8, but never took it serious until 2014 and when started to make gifts for family and friends. Eventually, I met Paul and he told me I should make a small business out of it…I thought he was joking at first. So, I decided to make it a small business while I worked full time.

Paul grew up around crochet with his family and now he’s married into it with me! He’s an engineer at heart, so after hours of sitting next to me while I stitched and listening to me complain about different hooks…he decided to make one for me. After months of prototyping, he made one that fit my hand perfectly (and of course sparkled)! After more testing with various crocheters around the country, we added them to the CroChic Styles lineup. This is how CroChic Styles® was born and we decided to become a licensed business in 2019 and we’re continuously growing! Paul’s dream in life to have a patent came true when we were approved to have a “patent pending” crochet hook design in April 2020!

We recently gave birth to our baby boy, Raiden, in February 2020 and we hope to build this handmade business for him to take on when he is older as the future Hook Master like his dad, Paul! We also have a daughter in Texas (my step-daughter Kayleigh). We see her as much as we can and she is already developing an obsession with yarn and the eagerness to learn how to crochet. It’s absolutely adorable letting her pick color choices for some of our hooks we sell–she does a very good job (better than us!).

We are so blessed beyond measure and extremely thankful for all of those who have supported a dream come true. We hope you truly enjoy our products! Feel free to contact us or leave a review!

Thank you!
Patty and Paul

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