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Hat Not Hate Pattern Round Up

July 4, 2020

As we all know, bullying is a huge problem in today’s society. Every year, Lion Brand Yarns holds an annual anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness and it’s called the “Hat Not Hate” Campaign. You can use the hashtag #hatnothate on your social media platforms to see updates on the campaign or see what others are doing to contribute.

The way crocheters and knitters can help with this campaign is by making blue hats for school-aged children. Simple as that! You can visit their website for their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for questions such as “Where do I donate the hats?”.

I truly love this campaign. I was bullied as a kid and I know so many others that have been bullied as well. It really leaves a scar for the rest of your life. So, I wanted to do a round up of hat patterns you can use for your contributions. Let’s see what patterns you can make!


Lots of Dots Beanie

Designer:  Jorie Thompson
Instagram:  @joriesyarn

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s):  Adult (One Size); 18″ Circumference, 8″ Height
Yarn:  Lion Brand Heartland or Paintbox Yarn Simply Aran
Hook:  US I / 5.5 mm

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.

by Jorie Thompson of jorie's yarn


Designer:  Ashley Moran
Instagram:  @wishuponahook

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Toddler, Child, Teen/Adult, Large Adult, plus stitch multiples and notes to fully customize the size.
Yarn:  Lion Brand Color Made Easy
Hook:  US K / 6.5 mm and US L / 8.0 mm

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.

by Ashley Moran of Wish Upon a Hook


Designer: Amber Bliss Calderón
Website: Amber Bliss This
Instagram:  @amberblissthis

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s):  Toddler, Child, Teen/Small Adult, Large Adult
Yarn:  Worsted Weight Yarn

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.
by Amber Bliss Calderón of Amber Bliss This


Designer: Kailey G.
Instagram:  @KaileyCaliCrochet

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Adult, Child, Toddler
Yarn:  Worsted Weight Yarn Size 4
Hook: US J / 6.00 mm hook (adult); I /5.50mm hook (child and toddler)

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here or on Etsy by clicking here.
by Kailey G. of Kailey Cali Crochet

Blue Lupine Beanie

Designer:  Bonnie O’Leary
Instagram:  @woodland.stitchcraft

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Sizes 0-3 month to Adult (7 total)
Yarn:  Caron Simply Soft
Hook:  US H / 5.0 mm

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy by clicking here.

by Bonnie O'Leary of Woodland Stitchcraft

LAttice Lace Beanie

Designer:  Raquel Grace
Instagram:  @mommagracecreations

Pattern Type:  Knit
Size(s): Adult, but adjustments are provided for changing the sizing. 
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA or any Super Bulky (Size 6)
Needle Size: US Size 13 / 9 mm 16″ Circular Knitting Needles

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.

by Raquel Grace of Momma Grace Creations

Persinette Beanie

Designer:  Michelle Muskett
Website:  Tales of Knots
Instagram:  @talesofknots

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Adult Large, Adult Small/Teen, Child, Toddler and Baby
Yarn: Lion Brand Heartland or any Medium Worsted (Size 4) Yarn
Hook Size(s): US G+ / 4.50 mm and US I /  5.50 mm

You can find this pattern for free by clicking here.

by Michelle Muskett of Tales of Knots

The Sea Star Sunrise Beanie

Designer:  Melanie
Instagram:  @seastarcrochet

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Adult/Teen, Child Large, Child Small, Toddler & Baby
Yarn: Red Heart Yarn Roll With It Tweed
Hook Size(s): US I /  5.50 mm and US J / 6.00 mm

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy by clicking here.

by Melanie of Sea Star Crochet

Pebble road Beanie

Designer:  April Knights
Instagram:  @northernmapleyarndesigns

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Adult Women
Yarn: Size 4 Yarn
Hook Size(s):  US H / 5.00 mm

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy by clicking here.

by April Knights of Northern Maple Yarns


Designer:  Fallon McNaughton
Website: Teacup Crochet Designs
Instagram:  @teacup_crochet_designs

Pattern Type:  Crochet
Size(s): Child & Adult
Yarn: Red Heart Yarn with Love or Any Worsted Weight 4 Yarn
Hook Size(s):  US J / 6.00 mm

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy by clicking here.

by April Knights of Northern Maple Yarns

full tilt Beanie

Designer:  Sarah Stevens Korth
Instagram:  @sekhandmade
Facebook:  SEKHandmade

Pattern Type:  Tunisian Crochet
Size(s):  Adult
Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Hook Size(s):  US I / 5.50 mm, US J / 6.00 Double Ended Tunisian Hook.

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here or on Etsy by clicking here.


From the Heart to the Hands

June 14, 2020

When I was a kid, I learned my hobby was crafting. I never had a specific craft, but my parents allowed me to dabble into a variety of crafts. I played with beads and really got into jewelry making with wires, but then I was introduced to crocheting when I was 8 years old in 1998.

Like many crocheters, I learned to crochet by a family member, my grandma! I learned to dabble into this craft and worked through a wonky scarf where stitches were inconsistent and my edges were wonky. However, I still practiced! As a military family, we lived far away from where the rest of our extended family members lived. So after I learned while visiting my grandma, my mom had to help me learn. My mom bought me books (because YouTube didn’t exist!) and tried to help me figure out the stitches.

I really enjoyed crocheting as a kid, but as I got into high school, I was made fun of for having a craft that was meant for “grandmas”. Naturally, it made me self-conscious and I put my hook and yarn down and didn’t touch them again until I was about 20 years old in 2010. That was because I noticed on social media people were crocheting toys and that’s when I learned about Amigurimi. So, I got right back at it and made my first Amigurumi and it was a cute little ballerina bunny from the book Amigurumi by Lan-anh Bui. It wasn’t the greatest, but it really made me love to crochet again.

Craft is Therapy

Unfortunately, I was going through my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree for Exercise Physiology and working full time with the Air Force and I couldn’t put a lot of love and attention to crochet. By 2014, I went through a traumatic experience and fell into depression after an abusive relationship that ended in divorce. During this time, it was important for me to “find myself” again.

I lived in a small town of Enid, Oklahoma while stationed at Vance Air Force Base and was lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby 5 minutes away from my home. One day I drove myself there and picked up a bunch of yarn on their 30% off sale and ended up spending every day vigorously working through a blanket. I was literally “hooked”.

Crocheting eventually became my therapy. I learned it was very calming and relaxing and it was perfect for me after everything I had been through.

when your ideas become reality

After getting back into crochet, Paul came into my life. I started to post my projects on social media after moving to Alamogordo, New Mexico. Each time I posted a project, friends and family told me I should start selling my products. I honestly never thought to sell my projects, but Paul convinced me to look into Etsy.

So, I opened up an Etsy and I decided to start a business Instagram in 2017 for CroChic Styles® and found Love Crafts and loved the modern crochet patterns I could find and discovered Paintbox Yarns–which was perfect for me because I love having a variety of solid shade options. I was starting to create tons of projects and I loved being able to access different brands in one spot, especially since the town had nothing to offer!


I became busy working full time and crocheting while at home. Paul began to realize he needed a hobby. Right around this time, I purchased a name brand hook and became frustrated that I could only crochet with it for about 10 minutes due to my hand cramping.

Paul at the time was interested in wood working and I told him he should make crochet hooks and that people would actually like them. He then started to learn how to make a crochet hook for me and let’s just say it wasn’t very…functional. He eventually got good at it and I asked the famous question–“Can you make this sparkly?”

That’s when Paul looked into resin and that’s when the CroChic full resin ergonomic crochet hook was born! When we realized we had a niche and had a unique hook, we left Etsy and pursued our own website to sell our products.

It was the best decision we ever made and we love that our hobbies work so well together. We can still spend quality time together and still enjoy our hobbies and share the love of crochet with others! It has been an amazing journey and so much fun. We hope one day this can grow into a stand alone shop that isn’t inside of our garage–boy would that be a dream come true!

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Historical Collections

February 1, 2020

At CroChic Styles, we offer various “Collections” throughout the year.  These collections for a certain period of time that allows a customer to place an order.  When a collection is no longer available, it is deemed as a “historical collection”.

Does this meant that we will never make the hook again?  No. What it does mean is there is an opportunity to contact us about placing a custom order. We will always do our best to fulfill a request; however, it will always depend on the demand of our master hook maker, Paul.

  • 1st Generation Hooks:  These hooks were a part of our first launch of crochet hooks in June 2019. These were made of an in-line style hook.
  • 2nd Generation Hooks:  These hooks were a part of our second launch of “Fall Collection” crochet hooks in September 2019. Due to overwhelming demand of tapered hooks, we decided to stick to making a tapered hook design.
  • 3rd Generation Hooks: These hooks were a part of our “Winter Collection” launch in November 2019. The hook’s transition from the handle to the shaft was developed in a way for it to smoothly blend in with one another to make it easier for crocheters and less knicking of the yarn! 

spring/summer collection 2020
3rd generation hook

limited edition COLLECTIONs 2019

Winter Collection 2019
3rd generation hook

fall COLLECTION 2019
2nd generation

FAiry tale COLLECTION 2019
2nd Generation


Lemon Peel Stitch

December 27, 2019

Foundation Row: Start with an even number of stitches (sts). Add 1 for base chain (ch).

Row 1: In the 2nd Ch from the hook, *(SC, DC). Repeat * until the end of the row. Ch 1, Turn.

Row 2: In the first st,*(SC, DC). Repeat pattern until the end of the row. Ch 1, Turn.
Note: Every SC should be stitched into a DC from the previous row and vice versa.

Repeat Row 2

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