Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a question about our products? Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

I purchased one of your patterns, but I found an error. What do I do?
Please let us know when this happens. We do not publish our patterns without having testers of a variety of skillsets (i.e., beginner, intermediate, etc.) review the pattern and create the pattern into a crochet product. If for some reason there is an error, please let us know so that we can update our patterns so that no one else has to go through the same problems as you.

Oh no!! I dropped my hook and now it’s broken. What do I do?!
This is…HORRIBLE!! We can already feel your pain. It is advised in Our Care Instructions that that you should be careful of dropping this hook due to the material it is made of–especially if it’s on a hard surface. Per Our Policies, we currently do not authorize returns/exchanges for hooks that are broken from mishandling.

I was crocheting and suddenly the tip of my hook broke. What do I do?
Noooo!!! We never want this to happen. If this does, please email us at crochicproducts@gmail.com and provide photos and a detailed description of what you were doing at the time it broke. It’s not likely for this to happen, but if it does, we are usually able to find out the reason why and coordinate a replacement for a defect. Please review Our Policies for more information.

I would like to order a custom crochet hook, how do I do this?
Please follow the instructions in the Custom Crochet Hooks section of our website.

Why do some hooks not have all of your sizes offered?
We have gone through an extensive amount of trial and error to ensure the best quality product. Part of this process included us evaluating both the strength of the hook and as well as the aesthetics. Due to this, it has limited us on our ability to create quality hooks below 5.0 mm/H without further strengthening methods. The hooks that are offered below this size are created through a process we developed internally that allows for there to be more strength within these smaller hook sizes.

Why does my hook not look exactly like the product photo?
One of unique things about our hooks is that they are made with resin. Resin is fluid in nature and due to that, we cannot guarantee the exact replica (i.e., proportions, patterns, etc.) of what is pictured in our stock photos because each hook is individually handcrafted. This makes each hook individually unique.

My hook arrived and there is a small imperfection that causes my yarn to catch/fray. What do I do to fix this?
First, we want you to know it is not our intent to provide you a hook with imperfections. These hooks are all individually handmade and sometimes it’s possible we may have overlooked a small detail of your hook. If this happens, please feel free to contact us at support@crochicstyles.com and provide a photo and a detailed description of what happens while you’re crocheting. This allows us to know where the problem is occurring and if it’s something you’d like to try fixing at home on your own or if it is something that needs to be physically returned to us. Please review Our Policies for more information.

When will my hook be done?
We advertise a processing time of 14 business days to handcraft your crochet hook, plus the time it takes to ship the hook. There will be instances where your hook may be shipped the next day and instances where it may take the full 14 business days. It depends on the current supply and demand at the time of the order. Once your order is complete, then the order will ship based on the shipment you choose (i.e., First Class Mail, Priority Mail) and you will receive a confirmation email of the completed order that will have your tracking number listed.

Why do some of your hooks vary in prices?
As with everything we make, we have to consider the time, complexity and materials used for our products. We have a standardized way to calculate our costs based on these considerations. Some hooks, such as our extremely popular “Beauty and the Beast” are very complex and requires us to pay close attention to the process–which is why it is higher in price compared to our average hook.

Can you ship internationally?
We are able to ship to most countries world-wide for a flat rate shipping of $15. If upon checkout you are unable to enter your country’s address, please contact us so that we can update our system and make it possible for you. We also ship to APO addresses via Priority Mail at USA rates.

I’d love to be a “tester” for your hooks. How can I become one?
In the infancy of our crochet hook production, it was known that we had multiple testers floating around. We had great testers and we also had not so great testers (absolutely no feedback). After working with our testers for a few months, we were able to solidify how we create our current hooks you see today. However, in the future, if we decide to create a new design for our hooks, then we’ll reach out for testers.

I see that you have CroChic® Affiliate Marketers. How can I become one?
At CroChic Styles®, we have hand-picked our Crochic® Affiliate Marketers to share the love of our crochet hooks. These individuals were picked based on their love for our crochet hooks, crochet patterns and their uplifting crochet community involvement. If we ever need more Affiliate Marketers, then we will personally contact individuals to be a part of our team. For more information about our CroChic® Affiliate Marketing Program, please click here.

You’re out of stock on a crochet hook I want. When are you going to restock?
We are small veteran owned business and we try to restock to the best of our ability; however, we cannot promise set intervals for restocks. We will announce restocks on social media (primarily on Instagram and Facebook) and through our email subscribers.

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