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The Magic Circle

December 26, 2019

Ever wonder how people work in rounds? Well, it all starts with the “Magic Circle”. The “Magic Circle” is a technique used to keep the center of the circle tight and you’ll typically see it used in a hat pattern or Amigurumi projects.

The tutorial below is an example of how to work Double Crochet Stitches in the Magic Circle.


Step 1: Wrap the tail end of your yarn as shown in the picture above. The end of the tail should be on top.
Step 2: Insert hook and draw up a loop as shown in the picture above.
Step 3: Yarn over and pull yarn through the loop. This creates a chain stitch.
Step 4: Create another chain stitch. You should have 2 chains as pictured above.
Step 5: Insert hook into the center of the ring to start the Double Crochet Stitch (DC). You’ll want to stitch over the tail of the yarn.
Step 6: In this example, I created 10 DCs into the Magic Ring.
Step 7: Grab the tail of the yarn. Pull it like a drawstring and allow for the stitches to cinch down together.
Step 8: Insert hook into the first DC of the round.
Step 9: Yarn over and pull yarn through.
Step 10: Join the circle with a slip stitch. This completes one round.

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