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One of the most popular options available is our custom order crochet hooks. Not only are they unique, but they are absolutely perfect and special for occasions such as birthdays and other celebrations.

Let us help you design your own custom crochet hook by making providing you a form to complete to assist with the consulting process.

We accept custom crochet hook orders on a case-by-case basis depending on our current demands. As a reminder, our highest demand season for crochet hooks are between September-December.


    Prior to purchasing, we ask for you to complete this order request (free of charge). Price charts are listed at the bottom of this description.

    1. Crochet Hook Size. You can select hook sizes that range between 4.50 mm (G+) through 10.00 mm (N).

      If your an individual providing a gift, we've left the option "I need help on size selection". You can never go wrong with sizes 5.50 (I) through 6.50 (K). However, if you're entirely unsure we will ask you some questions to help identify your size needs.

    2. Color Palette. Colors are so much fun! We recommend anywhere between 1-4 colors in your color palette. Anything beyond 4 may require additional fees or may not be approved depending on the color requests. We cannot promise that we can recreate colors. For instance, if you request for pastel colors, it requires us to combine multiple colors to make your color request come to life.

    3. Inspiration Photo. We ask that you provide a few sample inspiration photos so that we can do our best to mimic your color palette. Your version of "ocean blue" may not be our version of "ocean blue". 

    4. Special Requests. We are often asked to do special requests by adding in special items, specialty glitter, or custom labels. This can be enjoyable for us when we can change things up and try something new. We cannot promise that we can fulfill all requests. If you request to send an item that you own, then we will request for you to ship to us.

      Some things we have approved in the past are items like beach sand, flowers from weddings, specialty glitter.

      However, we did not approve items like cremated ashes, breastmilk, wood, and photos. The reason for this is that we either are unable to perform the request due to the weight or size of the material, OSHA regulatory concerns for our staff members, or lack of tools/skills to complete the request.

    5. Design Approval. After your custom crochet hook request has been submitted, you should receive an email confirmation (check your spam folder just in case).

      We will reach out to you within 1-5 business days to ensure we can confirm we understood your request. Once you have agreed to the request, we will begin the process by providing you with final quote (cost of the hook, additional fees, and shipping) and request a $20 non-refundable downpayment per hook design.

      This $20 non-refundable downpayment allows for our staff members to perform some trial and error of your request. After we believe we created what you envisioned, then we will contact you for final approval by showing you a photo of what it looks like prior to the final cut and polishing stages and provide you with another invoice for final payment prior to shipment.


    1-3 Colors
    (Plus Shipping)
    4 Colors
    (Plus Shipping)
    5 Colors
    (Plus Shipping)
    Add Specialty Glitter
    - $5
    (Plus Shipping)
    Add Sand
    - $5
    (Plus Shipping)
    Add Flowers
    - $5
    (Plus Shipping)
    Other Quantity Available After Consulting Quote Available After Consulting

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