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RECTANGLE (CHICAGO SCREWS) | 3.00 in x 0.85 in | Custom Order Fabric Label

RECTANGLE (CHICAGO SCREWS) | 3.00 in x 0.85 in | Custom Order Fabric Label

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Chicago Screw Color

If you need a modern and professional touch to your products, then custom tags are a must! They are perfect not only for fiber artist business owners, but also for the hobbiest looking to make an item for friends or family. 

What makes our tags so special?

  • Dependable thickness and softness packed with robust functionality
  • Soft touch, with luxurious texture
  • Superior durability
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Uniform and lightweight
  • No fraying
  • Made using 30% plant-based polyester


Prior to purchasing, we ask for you to complete this order request (free of charge). Price charts are listed in the product photo listing. All new design orders have a design cost fee included. In the event that you make a reorder, then the price point will be at a lower cost since we will keep your design on file for no more than 2 calendar years.

    1. Label Style. You can pick from a variety of label styles that be suit your needs. Options include:

    2. Label Color. You can choose from a variety of colors for your Ultrasuede labels. Your label color request will be based upon fabric availability. Color swatches can be skewed based on computer screen brightness and other variables. We highly encourage purchasing a color sample card for color accuracy. We do our best to provide you the most accurate colors through our photos.

    3. Font Type. We have a selection of handwritten, sans serif, and script fonts. If you prefer a different font, we will need to know in advance and you'll need to provide the font file if we are unable to acquire it. You may incur an additional design fee if we do not have the font on file and you need a specific font that requires a purchase fee.

    4. Chicago Screws. If you select to have Chicago Screws, you have four options (black, bronze, gold, and silver). Each screw has a screw head that is 8 mm in diameter, 6 mm post height, and a 4 mm post diameter.

    5. Upload Files. If you have an image you want to provide, please upload it using a png, svg, or pdf format. It is best to use the original design file and not screenshots of the image. This enhances the clarity of the design. Ideally, please provide a black and white image. If your design cannot be replicated or has issues during the design process, I will work to create a similar design to what you are wanting to create. If you’re unsure if your file will work, please send an email to

    6. Design Approval. After your design has been submitted, you should receive an email confirmation (check your spam folder just in case). If you do not have an image, please upload an inspiration photo and consult with us on an idea you have in mind and we can assist you. We are not graphic designers, so if the design is complex for us then we may not be able to support the request. 


75% polyester ultra-microfiber non-woven (30% plant-based) with 25% non-fibrous polyurethane binder

Shipping, Returns, and Refunds

New Design Approvals. Once a design has been received, it will take 1-5 business days to provide a design proof. If the seasonal demand is high, we will notify you.

Reorders. Reorders will take 1-14 business days since we have the design on file. Designs will only be kept on file for 2 years.

Each tag request is provided with a digital proof. Payment is not made to fulfill the order until we have your approval. Returns are not accepted for these custom items. If there is an error we made on our end (wrong color, etc.) then we will prioritize your order and replace at no cost to you.

Click here for shipping policies.

Click here for return and refund policies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I have multiple designs ordered into one set? No, all customs tags, labels, and patches are ordered seperately.

Can I have multiple colors in my order? Yes, if you order an additional set.

Can I update an existing design on file without a design fee? If you have a simple design, it won't incur a design fee. However, if your design is complex, then we may not be able to make proper adjustments and this will incur an additional fee.

Do I need to pay a design fee for a new label with an existing design on file? Yes, because this requires a new design to be created and formated to keep on file.

Do you rush orders? We prioritize customer service over everything. We ship out orders based on orders readily available. However, if you tell us when you need your order then we can give you a realistic timeline of when it can be received. Keep in mind, we are not responsible for shipping delays once it has left our hands.

Care Instructions

Our fabric material is designed to be machine-washable.

If the tag is used with Chicago Screws, we recommend removing the Chicago Screws from your item prior to washing/cleaning.

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