Custom Crochet Hooks

Custom Crochet Hooks

We accept custom crochet hook orders on a case-by-case basis depending on our current workload. Feel free to contact at and ask if we are able to make your idea a reality!


How do I put in an order request for a custom crochet hook?  

If you have an idea for a crochet hook other than what you see on our site, we offer you the option to purchase a customized one. Please send us an email at to get started on your own custom crochet hook. In your message, please be as descriptive as possible and include:

  1. A description of what you are looking for (size/colors) 
  2. An inspiration photo, if that applies (i.e. color palettes, photos of other custom crochet hooks we’ve made, etc.).
  3. If it is for a gift, please let us know when you would need the order fulfilled by.

We will then review the request and work/communicate with you to turn your idea into a reality. Color palettes help us a lot because your version of “blue” may be different than our idea of “blue” that you’re wanting.

How much do your custom order crochet hooks cost?

Our custom order crochet hooks will vary in price depending on the design you are looking for. It is best to send us a message with what you are looking for so we can best answer this question specific for your needs. The cost of a custom crochet hook takes into account the consultation time, time lost on collection hook production, extra materials required, and more. We do not authorize coupon codes on our custom order crochet hooks. All custom orders will require a $20 non-refundable down payment prior to starting your hook.

What sizes do you offer? 

We currently offer crochet hooks ranging in size from G+ through N (4.5mm-10mm). For sizes under 4.5mm, we may take the request on a case by case basis. This is discussed during consultation. 

Can you make the same exact hook that you’ve made from a previous Collection and/or custom you’ve made for someone else? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to promise anyone that we can make the same exact hook again. Since these hooks are resin art,  it may be very difficult to meet an exact match expectation. We would, however, always do our best to recreate a hook to the best of our ability. This is something we can discuss during consultation depending on your desires.

Can you modify some of the colors from a hook and replace with with another color? 

This depends on the request. Resin is a form of art. With that said, when colors blend together they create a unique color transition. Depending on the request, it may be simple to replace a color.  In some situations, a color was created due to the way the original colors in our design blended together. This can be discussed during the consultation.

Can I have an (insert copyright/trademark name) custom crochet hook (i.e., Disney, etc.)? 

We do not condone sales of others’ copyrighted or trademarked ideas. If you are inspired by the colors of a character or something else that falls in this category, then we are happy to fulfill the request. However, we will not advertise or name it in a way that infringes on a copyright/trademark, and we ask you to do the same. We have had a “Fairy Tale Collection”; however, these hooks were based on original, non-copyrighted folklore. Thank you for understanding and respecting other peoples hard work.