Hi! I'm Patty and I own CroChic Styles, LLC. I started this business back in 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada and it has relocated to its current location--Salt Lake City, Utah!

It all started when my husband watched me slave away at making gifts for close friends and family and he asked the question, "Have you ever thought about selling your crochet?"

At the same time, my husband needed a hobby and decided to make crochet hooks for Patty. It started with wood and I asked the question, "Can you make this with glitter?". Naturally, he did everything he could to make the glitter request happen. After numerous attempts at makng a resin crochet hook, it was finally perfected in 2019 thanks to my husband's engineering background.

In 2019, the business grew to its own platform after using Etsy and magically survived the COVID-19 pandemic despite all the hardships with supply chain issues across the world.

In 2022, we hired our first employee.

Fast forward to 2023, we experienced a lot of life changes. We relocated to Utah due to a new job opportunity for my husband and I was medically retired early from the Air Force. It has been a wild journey for us and we hope that you all enjoy what is to come as we begin sharing tutorials, business advice, and more!