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At CroChic Styles®, we have offered various “collections” since 2019.  These collections were released for a certain period of time that allowed a customer to place an order.  When a collection is no longer available, it is added to our gallery for customers to view what we have done in our past.

Does this meant that we will never make the hook again?  No. What it does mean is that there is an opportunity to contact us about placing a custom order. We will always do our best to fulfill a request; however, it will always depend on the demand of our master hook maker, Paul.

  • 1st Generation Hooks:  These hooks were a part of our first launch of crochet hooks in June 2019. These were made of an in-line style hook.

  • 2nd Generation Hooks:  These hooks were a part of our second launch of “Fall Collection” crochet hooks in September 2019. Due to overwhelming demand of tapered hooks, we decided to stick to making a tapered hook design.

  • 3rd Generation Hooks: These hooks were a part of our “Winter Collection” launch in November 2019. The hook’s transition from the handle to the shaft was developed in a way for it to smoothly blend in with one another to make it easier for crocheters and less knicking of the yarn! 

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